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Marketing Your Home

Exclusive Marketing

Selling your home is like being in a high stakes beauty contest, and we make sure it leaves with the crown using both conventional and forward-thinking methodologies to quickly reach your buyer. Working with an experienced team is the first step in demystifying the daunted home sale process. We start by helping your prepare your house, decluttering, staging, and suggesting minor fixes to get it camera ready. For each home we create a customized, comprehensive plan that takes all areas of marketing into consideration: print, digital, public relations, advertising, and social media.



PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. This seems obvious, but you would be shocked about the short cuts some agents take when it comes to photography. We always use high quality, professional photographs so show off your home in its best light.

CUSTOM WEBSITES. Averaging thousands of monthly visitors fueled by SEO and paid advertising, the Dart Homes site places your property on the international stage and maximizes exposure at home. Additionally, we can craft a personalized custom web page for your listing to build a richer, more precise experience. This helps promote, showcase, and market your home on an individual basis.

VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS: For some listings, we shoot a professional video almost like an advertisement for the life your home offers. Buyers can engage with your house without getting off the couch.

FLOOR PLANS. Being able to visualize the layout of a house is not an easy task for the average buyer, especially when you are visiting multiple properties on multiple days. Providing a floor plan can ensure that the layout of your listing is neutral and memorable. 2-D floor plans are a clean and simple overview so buyers can see layout and potential without distractions like personal decor.

GLASSHOUSE VIRTUAL TOURS. In addition to traditional 2-D black and white floor plans, we can create 3-dimensional “glasshouse” floor plans for each level of your home. These immersive renderings dramatically increase the visual quality of your listing and give buyers and interactive way of experiencing complete spaces online


ONLINE EXPOSURE. Let’s face it, these days everyone is online. We harness the power of the internet to get your home maximum exposure. On top of our website, blog, and social media, your listing information is published on over 180 websites, including premium placement on the top sites to make sure it lands in front of the right buyer. We also blast our 12,000+ database and email subscribers.

DIRECT MAIL. On top of wide-reaching online exposure and campaigns that are blasted to all the people in our database, we have an aggressive print marketing campaign including brochures, fliers, postcards, direct mail, and event cards.

SHOWINGS. We understand that life goes on, even when you are trying to sell your house, so we use a streamlined centralized showing service to maxi-mize accessibility and minimize disruptions. With 24 hour scheduling, quick mobile approval, and agent activity tracking, it’s a smart and effective way to stay connected and informed from anywhere.

FEEDBACK. Our showing service captures unbiased  feedback from each buyer’s agent, and based on this we can evaluate our position and make changes as needed.

OPEN HOUSES. Beyond appointments, we also plan a range of events from brokers opens to lux-ury soirées, tailored to your needs. Relaxed neigh-borhood picnics, exclusive cocktail parties, themed celebrations, and fun family affairs create a buzz, make a splash, and spread the word. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, especially in the world of real estate.

One Stop Shop.

CLIENT EVENTS. You are busy: to minimize disruptions and simplify the process we handle every step, from the consultation and necessary repairs all the way through the end. And it’s not over there. When you work with us, you join our team, and we like to catch up at least four times a year with our client events.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS. Even if you know what you need to do to get your home ready to show, its hard to find places for all your stuff. We partner with a company that will give you boxes, pick up your clutter and extra furniture, and then delivery back to you once the house has sold.

THE DART TRUCK. We have a moving truck that we make available for our past clients and friends to make the moving process go as smoothly as these things can.

Next Steps: Inspections & Disclosures