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Bethesda Real Estate

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Bethesda attracts the affluent and upwardly mobile, with new retail, restaurants, and condos popping up regularly to further improve the reputation of a place already known for it’s great schools and jobs. Part of the appeal is it’s proximity to DC, without actually being inside the city borders. It’s one of the few suburbs where you don’t actually HAVE to own a car, although most do. The red line stations on Wisconsin allow easy access to transportation, which increases value even if you don’t plan on using it.

This is one of the most well-educated neighborhoods in the country, and the cost of living reflects the high salary required of it’s residents. Some 80% of the people who live here have a college degree, and the median income is double that of it’s neighbor, DC. This emphasis on education is probably why some people move here from DC, because Bethesda has amazing schools.

Live Here:

The median value of a home in Bethesda is $736,667, so if you plan on moving here be sure to bring your checkbook. That being said, whatever kind of property you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Bethesda. They have urban areas, with high-rise condo’s walking distance to bars, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife where you don’t ever need a car. They also have suburban neighborhoods, with large green lawns and

Existing single family homes will run you $600,00 for a 1000 square foot reno, but most will run you around $800,000. An older condo starts at around $300,000, but those are quickly being replaces by grand luxury high-rises that go for $700,000.


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  • Redwood
  • Jaleo


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  • Bethesda Row Cinema