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Why Professional Photography Matters In Real Estate.

Research shows that listings get significantly more online attention when they have better photos, yet there is still a shocking number of agents who use iPhones to capture pictures or try to DIY with point-and-shoot cameras.

Online searching maximizes the ability to compare and contrast homes, which is why most home searches start in front of a computer or mobile device. 87% of buyers online found photos to be the most important aspect of deciding whether to visit a home according to a 2016 NAR research report. That is why the quality of pictures you take is critically important. Look at these photos below to compare the difference between a high quality, professional photograph and the ones that aren’t. They may be expensive, but if you ask us they are definitely worth it!


This house looks pretty nice.
But wouldn’t you rather live in this idyllic home?

This bedroom doesn’t seem very inviting.
But this open space looks like the ideal place to lay your head!

This room looks alright.
But this one looks like a luxury hotel.


This pool seems fine.
But it’s nothing compared to this beautiful oasis.


Source: Buzzfeed


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