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What A Real Estate Deal Looks Like For Buyers Right Now.

When you start the home buying process you typically have the mindset of finding a “deal”. In normal times this in Montgomery County Maryland this is somewhat possible (especially if you have a great real estate agent), although most buyers have an inflated sense of what they can afford and what their money can buy them. But these aren’t normal times, and this Montgomery County Maryland market is hot, and buyers face the toughest competition I’ve seen in my many years as an agent. Just last week, every house we sold had 15-20 offers and the winning offers well exceeded the listing price and tended to offer to contingencies. So what is a deal in this current market? We tell our buyers that a deal is getting the house. 

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Kyle Barber

Kyle is passionate writer, independant thinker, and digital savvy lady with a deep love of marketing and all the challenges it presents.

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