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Top Things To Do During Social Distancing

Something about being forced to stay at home makes us feel stir crazy, even if you are a homebody who typically spends your free time there anyway. We’ve compiled a list of tips to keep you busy while we wait out this craziness! Let’s come out of this feeling lighter, calmer, and more focused on what’s really important. Below are our top ten things to do during quarantine.

  1. Spend quality time with your family! We are always complaining about not having enough time but we’ve just been given some! Take advantage.
  2. Try out those recipes that you’ve been saving, and challenge yourself to get out of your cooking comfort zone.
  3. Have family dinners. This falls into the same category as the first two, but research has demonstrated the importance of family dinners, but the reality of life often gets in the way. Here is a chance to sit down, phone free, and connect with your family ever night.
  4. Do some spring cleaning.
  5. Read! Here is a post with our recommendations.
  6. Do some yard work. It’s a great time to clean up all that neglect that happened over the winter, plus it gets you out of the house if you are feeling claustrophobic.
  7. Catch up on movies. I love the idea of family movie nights with pillows and comforters and popcorn.
  8. Get into a workout routine. Even if you can’t go to the gym there are tons of workouts you can do from home available online and you can still go out on runs, walks, and hikes. Lots of gyms and workout studios have free classes online so it’s also a great time to try out something new! Since Core Power Yoga is closed they have free classes available online and Tone It Up studio is offering their online workouts free for the month.
  9. FaceTime friends & family who live far away (or just feel far away).

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