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The Dart Homes Quarantine Schedule

Is being stuck at home getting you down? As someone who works at home regularly, I can tell you that the key to being calm and productive is to keep a regular schedule. Otherwise, you start feeling scattered and claustrophobic and that’s the last thing anyone needs right now! Last week when we felt like the remote work was imminent we got together and created a loose schedule for everyone on the team to follow so we can stay on track. We decided to share it below so you can stay productive while you work from home!

  • 6:00: Wake Up. You may feel like sleeping in but fight the urge! You have to treat these days like normal work days.
  • 6:30: Coffee,  light breakfast, news
  • 7:00: Workout
  • 8:00: Shower
  • 9:00-12:00: Work! This is when I like to knock out the tasks that I like the least. I find I have the most mental energy in the morning so I try to tackle the things that require the most brain power.
  • 12:00-12:30: Lunch. It’s easy to take a working lunch from home but I find that giving myself a 30 minute break allows me to jump in refreshed for my afternoon.
  • 12:30-5:00: Calls, Virtual Meetings, Short Tasks
  • 6:00: No More Work! It’s easy to get sucked into the 24/7 work mindset when you are working from the same place where you live but, with a few minor exceptions (like urgent needs or emergencies) it’s important to create a work/life balance and have an end time everyday. That way you get to spend time with your family/friends without being constantly interrupted by work.

We are constantly complaining about not having enough time for our families. Well guess what? We’ve just been given that gift, so take advantage of it! This won’t last forever, so let’s appreciate this time with family lunches, fun snack times, late movie nights.


How to make the most of this family time

Make family lunch a thing

Movie Nights

Game Nights

we always complain about our lack of time, and guess what, we’ve just been given the gift of time. Imagine what we can get done without the stress of a commute. Trapped in our house, we can make sure

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