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Spring Home Improvements

Besides marie-kondoing our closets and planting new flowers in the yard, spring is always a good time to think about what improvements you can make to add to the value of your home. Below are some of the best in terms of bang for your buck when considering resale.

  1. Was your house plagued by cold drafts through the winter? The culprit might be old, single paned windows. But before you shell out the big bucks to replace them (up to $500 a window) check to see how the neighbor’s houses match up. If you are the last on the block to update then go for it, but if everyone is still rocking windows from the 70’s only do it when you do other upgrades to the room so you don’t price yourself out of the market.
  2. Check to see if you need to repaint. Winters can be hard on the exterior of your home, so walk around and see if you can see any wear and tear. Every few years (depending on finishes and quality of the paint job- jump here to see how often you should paint) you should either repaint or reconsider color choices to improve curb appeal. Even repainting a door can add loads of value.
  3. Repair and replace gutters, downspouts, and your roof. Winter can be hard on these things, so clean out your gutters and while you are up there check to make sure everything is in tip top shape. gutters should be angled away from a house to stop water pooling around a foundation and seeping into the basement. If it’s time to get a new roof, consider architectural asphalt shingles because of their long warranties (often 50 years), affordable prices, and attractive appearances that work with many house styles. In addition, many contractors have the equipment and experience to install roofs of this material, as opposed to metal.


Now that you’ve decided to fix up the house this spring, check out this questions you should ask before hiring a professional. 

Source: Realtor Magazine

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