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To sell in winter, show off that summer bod.


It’s cold out there, and with the short and dreary days most people assume that you should hold off on selling your home.  Let’s be honest, the winter’s in our area can be brutal, and the last thing anyone would want to do is go look at houses, yet people need new homes all 12 months of the year.  Families grow, professional promotions and subsequent transfers occur, and many other life-changing events happen — all of which require people to buy or sell property.

If you are thinking about selling now is actually a great time to do it, with so little competition. There is very little inventory and the houses available are grossly overpriced. Last year similar homes actually sold about 1.8% higher than the other seasons. Plus, interest rates are only going to go up, so it’s smarter to act now. If you are thinking about selling your home soon, here are a few tips:

  1. Make it bright. Buyers will likely rush from the dark, dreary cold into your house. You want to make sure it’s bright and clear inside as a contrast to the monotone gray outside. Turn on lights, open doors, open blinds…be that person who leaves every light in the house on, just for a while.
  2. Make it warm. When buyers walk into, you want them to feel like they’ve entered a cozy, warm, comfortable home. If they are standing in the living room, huddled together with breath steaming around them just because you are trying to save some money on heating, they aren’t likely to leave with a good impression.
  3. Show off it’s summer bod. We all look better in the summer, and your house is no different. Try to find some exterior pictures from the spring, summer, or fall to show off what your home looks like during the other seasons. Leave these in an album so buyers can contrast the bright and cheerful with the gray and gloomy.



Source: Washington Post

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