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5 Rainy Day Home Improvement Tasks

With rain on the forecast for the foreseeable future, its nice to take everything off the schedule and just hole up inside until the sun pops out. But if you are feeling like you need to be semi-productive without leaving the house, here are some home tasks we are sure you’ve been putting off that you can do while waiting out the weather.

  1. Clean Out The Junk Drawer. We all have one, and we all benefit from cleaning it out every once in a while. Mine tends to be more of a holding zone for the trashcan, so I try to go through it every month (lies, every year) and just toss everything I don’t need to keep anymore.
  2. Clean Your Cabinets/pantry. This isn’t the most fun suggestion of the bunch, but it’ll make you feel great afterwards. A few hours of enforced indoor time is the perfect opportunity to scrub your kitchen cupboards and toss any double spices, expired goods, or things that you don’t even remember buying.
  3. Start a rain project. Have something that you’ve wanted to do for a while but life keeps shoving away? It has to be something with no time limit, which you can work on incrementally, but now is the time to start! Stripping wall paper from the old bathroom? Learning a new skill? Whenever it rains, you’re gonna work on it; you might even find yourself looking forward to the forced productivity.
  4. Exercise. Say what?!? I know this goes against everything your gut tells you about rainy days: you should be chilling out, not working out! But on a day when you’d prefer to be outside but just can’t face the weather, an hour of yoga, a quick exercise video, or just some dance-cleaning (it’s a thing) can help keep cabin fever at bay.
  5. Stock Your Freezer. There is something special about spending a rainy day in the kitchen, and the time you spend today will make those nicer days much more enjoyable. My favorite freezer meals are here  and here (only with chicken and corn tortillas).

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