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Category: Selling

    Why a Move Could Bring You More Happiness This Year

    By Kyle Barber | February 11, 2022

    Over the past two years, we’ve lived through one of the most stressful periods in recent history. Because of the health crisis, many of us have spent more time at home and that’s led us to re-evaluate both what we need in a house and how much we appreciate having a safe space. If you’ve... Read More

    Tips to Survive Selling Your Home With Kids

    By Kyle Barber | September 9, 2018

    Selling your home is tough enough – scheduling open houses and showings, keeping your home in perfect staged condition –  without throwing a kid or two (or ten, or one kid that feels like ten) into the mix. Beyond getting rid of furniture, cleaning out closets, removing personal items, and making minor repairs, kids have... Read More