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Bring Home the Gold

You may not be going to Rio for the summer games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take home the gold, silver, or bronze. Look for fixtures and finishes that use these classic metallics to give any room an instant upgrade. Go for home design glory and make your house shine year-round.

Gold Standard

A timeless classic, gold has always represented the height of luxury. Gold accents on chairs, kitchen appliances, and wallpaper add a bit of glamour. If you’re looking for a bigger statement consider gold frames, couches or even cabinets. Going for gold? Don’t go overboard – you want to make it tasteful, not gaudy.

Stunning Silver

Silver is a versatile finish that fits in nicely with every home design style. Use silver in everything from your fixtures to your backsplash. A perfect complement to nearly any color, silver adds a sleek elegance to rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Be careful when adding shine to bedrooms and living rooms though, as silver in those rooms may come across as cold and uninviting.

Bronze Age

Bronze is perfect for adding a little rustic charm to any room. Choose bronze light fixtures, cabinet pulls, or even wallpaper. Bronze can often come off dark and heavy, so keep it light by using it strategically as an accent.

Variety Pack

Of course, as every champion knows, a nice mix of metals works, too.

World-class athletes aren’t the only ones bringing home medals. See how you can use these to become the champion of home design. Pick the best metals for your home, and your design style is sure to be a winner.

Source: Zillow

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