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Attractive ways to turn meat into dinner.

This Year's Most Important Grills

Spring, summer, hunger, no clean up, beer…five reasons to fire up your grill, in case owning a grill wasn’t reason enough. But not just any grill; why not fire up something unnecessary, attractive, extravagant, & impressive? Memorial day is around the corner, and Father’s day will be here before you know it. These grills would make a great gift for all the grilling masters in your life, or you know, just because.

  1. Grillworks, $14,000: Because there are times when you absolutely must grill an entire cow whole at one time. Don’t ask us how you get a hold of an entire cow, that’s on you.
  2. Fuego Element, $299: Designed by Apple’s former chief designer, heats up to 500 in just five minutes. That’s a lot of power & pedigree in a compact package.
  3. Komodo Kamado, $5,000: Because it’s small, egg-shaped, and covered with tiny shiny tiles. I don’t think we really need another reason.
  4. Green Mountain Grills, $399: Smart phone controlled, wi-fi enabled so you can monitor your food and grill temperature without standing up. Because standing is overrated, and interrupts hammock-sitting and beer-drinking.
  5. Indiegogo GoBQ, $149: Some places don’t have grills, and we are not o.k. with that. Enter this super portable, fold-up grill made from fireproof fabric.



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