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7 Spring Cleaning Tips While You Are Stuck Inside


  1. Clean out your junk drawer. This will only take a second but I tend to put it off for ages. Toss all those old papers and receipts and organize the tangled cords and random odds and ends.
  2. Get rid of old clothes. I don’t know about you but I HATE cleaning out my closet. The task always seems so daunting to me, and I never feel like I want to tackle it after work or in between social obligations on the weekend. But suddenly, our social calendars are empty so we can take the time to get rid of all those items that we never wear or that don’t fit! Let’s come out of this feeling lighter mentally, physically, and in terms of the stuff we hold onto.
  3. Deep clean your house. If you are going to be stuck at home you might as well make sure it’s spotless. We are focusing on one room a day, starting with bathrooms then moving to the kitchen, living areas, and bedrooms. Your house has never been so clean!
  4. Clean out the fridge. Take out all the drawers and shelves and really make it shine.
  5. Wash the kids toys. You probably don’t do this enough. I know I don’t!
  6. Sharpen your kitchen knives.
  7. Update and backup your computer.

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