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6 Tips To Save Yourself From Moving Misery

Filter possessions, get organized and make money from unwanted items.

Moving is one of the biggest headaches and most daunting aspects of buying or selling your home. The packing, organizing, consolidating, and decluttering can be overwhelming. Deciding what to take, what to toss, and how to get rid of unwanted items is just the tip of the iceberg.


One of the biggest challenges when moving is unearthing a seemingly endless supply of items that you have to decide what to do with. Pack it up and deal later? Take it with you and decide when you get there? Neither is right or wrong, but it’s best to give yourself time and do it before you start packing. A couple months before your move, begin combing through your things. Sell, donate, or toss as much as you can. You will be thankful you did!


The cost of moving can really add up, especially if you are relocating long distance, hiring movers, or have a large home. Rather than paying to move items that you don’t want or need, think about hosting a yard sale. Yard sales are a hassle. Most people tend to underestimate how much stuff they have until they start packing.

If you have enough stuff, consider an estate sale. Companies like Everything But The House do the work for you, maximizing profit and minimizing stress.


While you are organizing for your move, sift through belongings and create a sell, donate, and keep pile as you go. This keeps everything in reach and visible so you can see the reality of what you have, as well as assess any multiples.


I can’t say it enough; buyers find clean houses free of clutter more attractive. Getting rid of stuff through yard sales and donations before you move eliminates unwanted items and showcases your home as a spacious listing so buyers can envision themselves making their home there.


There is something freeing about cleaning out a closet, junk drawer, or the garage. The weight of those forgotten items evaporates.

How to Make Moving Less Stressful

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