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Monthly Archives: May 2017

    Condo Fee Tutorial

    By Kyle Barber | May 31, 2017

    One of the first things you do when you start looking at buying a condo is research monthly fees. While high fees can be a major turn off (paying $1000 plus your monthly mortgage doesn’t really appeal to anyone), they aren’t always an indication of bad building. In addition to amenities like pools, gyms, and... Read More

    Dart Guides: Is This Condo Building Financially Healthy? 

    By Kyle Barber | May 31, 2017

    In 2012 I became the proud owner of a condo in Glover Park, excited about the next stages of my life but clueless about how condo finances or boards worked. Because I was the first tenant to move in, I was default president of the board where I remained for the next three years. Now,... Read More

    Everything You Need To Know About Siding

    By Kyle Barber | May 31, 2017

    Boards, Battens, and Bevels: Wood Board Siding Types and Their Uses Wood siding is one of the most prevalent and beneficial building materials on the market—not to mention its vast varieties that are available today. Because wood siding has become so commonly utilized in the construction market, various shapes, lengths, finishes, and detailing have been... Read More

    Banish Bad Smells for Good

    By Kyle Barber | May 30, 2017

      You walk in the door after a long day and catch the hint of something stinky. It’s just a whiff and goes away almost instantly so you shrug and go on with your day. But not so fast! You get used to the smells of your house, but a guest, or worse, a potential... Read More

    The wonders of Baking Soda

    By Kyle Barber | May 30, 2017

    I was working on a post about the best way to eliminate household smells, and almost every tip I read made some mention of baking soda so I decided that a wrap up of the wonders of baking soda was in order. Its widely available, inexpensive, and has a lot more to offer than just... Read More

    Learn the 6 Secrets of Kidproof Home Decor

    By Kyle Barber | May 30, 2017

    Yes, You can have nice things. This may seem like a stretch. As any parent can attest, the struggle to keep your house clean and orderly is real, especially when you have tiny beings running around tracking a seemingly endless supply of paint, sticky fingers, and bodily fluids. But take heart, you don’t actually have... Read More

     7 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easier

    By Kyle Barber | May 23, 2017

    No one ever said maintenance had to be fun. But can’t it be just a little bit easier? Here are seven home hacks to take a bit of the drudgery out of your honey-do list: Tuck chalk in your toolbox to prevent rust.You can keep the metal tools and hardware in your toolbox rust-free with blackboard chalk. How... Read More

    9 Feelings That Are Totally Normal When You Sell Your House

    By Kyle Barber | May 23, 2017

    9 Feelings That Are Totally Normal When You Sell Your House Selling a home has its moments of joy and frustration. Here’s what most people experience. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2017 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Read More

    Just Listed: 12904 CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR #3-1, GERMANTOWN, MD 20874

    By Kyle Barber | May 22, 2017

    Read More

    Mirror, Mirror, On the wall, I am my Mother, after all.

    By Kyle Barber | May 19, 2017

      You Can Fight Nature & You Can Fight Nurture, But Can You Fight Both at Once? Celebrating Mother’s & Father’s Day gives us time to think about how grateful we are for all the things our parents do for us. They are amazing and selfless and we appreciate them more and more the older we... Read More