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2017: A Year In Review

A Year In Review:

2017 brought us 5 new team members, a brand new office space, and  Take a look back over the events and stories that shaped an incredible year at Dart Homes. From our favorite houses to our biggest challenges, check out our year in review and all the tips and tricks that we gave out over the last year.


This year we threw some of our best parties yet (patting myself and Dani on the back). Ice Skating, Wine Tasting, an outdoor movie, the Fall Festival…those bigger ones in addition to the smaller happy hours and appreciation dinners made for a banner year of celebration here at Dart Homes.



National & International Speaking Engagements

Cover Photos

Nathan was on TV

Record highs for sale prices


Before & After: Small Changes With Big Results

7 Home Hacks For Maintenance

9 Feelings That Are Totally Normal When You Sell 

Kid-Proof Decor

Fix Your AC



Appealing to multiple generations

 0ur favorite hangover cures (although getting those hangovers was certainly fun)


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