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About Us

We stand for something bigger!

What we do is bigger than real estate. As a team, we strive to be the best we can be for ourselves and our clients. We’re intentional and passionate about the relationships we get to build and purposeful and driven in our growth as individuals and a team.

Why Chose Dart Homes?

  1. We bring experience and expertise. We’re full-time agents with deep roots in the community. On average, we sell 250 houses per year for $27,000 more than the average agent.
  2. We bring professional negotiation skills. A good negotiator can be the difference between the successful sale of your house or a contract that falls apart. Our job is to act as your advocate to reach your end goal.
  3. We bring law and contract knowledge. Once you accept an offer, there are particular deadlines and criteria that need to be met. Our knowledge will keep your transaction on track.
  4. We are available at any time. Real Estate is not a 9-5 job. This is one of the benefits of working with a team. There is always a group of people with knowledge of your deal to make sure nothing slows down.
  5. We strive to exceed expectations. Preparation, follow through, and good communication give our clients the confidence they deserve. You won’t meet a more determined and diligent group of real estate agents.
  6. We connect you with our Preferred Partner Network. 35+ years of local experience has resulted in cultivating relationships with top industry professionals from mortgage brokers, financial planners, title companies, contractors, movers, and move. On top of that, we have love to refer out our clients! You’d be hard pressed to find a service we don’t have a recommendation for.

Finding a trustworthy agent that has a plan can be hard. Then overwhelm and frustration sets in and before you know it, you’ve putting in more effort than you ever expected. We provide a stress free real estate experience with a team you can rely on.