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A Real Estate Team You Can Rely On

A Real Estate Team You Can Rely On

Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life, and when it comes time to sell, you need experts on your side. We’re thrilled that you’re considering partnering with the Dart Homes team. We’re a small team with a big heart and our goal isn’t just to get your home sold, but also to make it a stress-free experience with a team you come to rely on.

The Dart Homes team is recognized as one of the best in the nation and consistently ranks in the top 3 in the Washington, DC region, top 5 in the Mid-Atlantic, top 50 in the U.S. and top 50 in the world.

We offer a wide range of real estate services from buyers agents and listing services, to investment guidance.


Bryan worked hard and protected my interests.
Bryan worked closely with me throughout my buying process. We looked at well over 20 homes, and I submitted four offers. While it was disappointing to not have an offer selected, I do appreciate that Bryan was not afraid to communicate his opinion, and in one case he advised that I pull out my offer as the seller was asking for too many concessions. It’s refreshing to work with an agent that is willing to walk away from a sale to ensure their client’s best interests. When I finally found the r…

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